Nana’s Mex-Italian Spaghetti Sauce (Vegan)

I have always like my mother in-law's homemade spaghetti sauce, but she likes hers good and meaty.¬† So, I came up with this alternative and it's just as delicious and I don't even think she would know the difference ('cuz I've slipped some other vegan foods by her with her being none the wiser!ūüėČ).¬† And … Continue reading Nana’s Mex-Italian Spaghetti Sauce (Vegan)


Lemon Alfredo Squash Noodles (Vegan)

I was so excited about this recipe and was so pleased with how it turned out.¬† Yum!¬† I used my spiralizer on some yellow squash and topped it with a delicious vegan lemon Alfredo sauce, roasted edamame (soy beans) and fresh basil. I had been wanting to play with my spiralizer more and I've tried … Continue reading Lemon Alfredo Squash Noodles (Vegan)

Southwest Avocado Zucchini Noodles (Vegan)

Hello there!¬† It's been a while.¬† I knew when I started this blog that I was going to be starting school again soon and that I probably wouldn't have a lot of time to play around with recipes and blog about it, and I was right. But I'm on winter break and I got a … Continue reading Southwest Avocado Zucchini Noodles (Vegan)

Vegan Chili

We have finally had a few chilly days so of course it's time to make chili!¬† I have tried many different vegan chili recipes and I've combined all the things I have liked and came up with my own concoction.¬† And it's delicious!¬† We don't do things too spicy here, much to my husband's dismay, … Continue reading Vegan Chili

King Ranch Chicken (Vegan)

  Don't let the title fool you, there's no real chicken in this.¬† I've had this recipe for many years, it's been one of our favorites, and I've adapted it to make it vegan.¬† The original recipe came from Food Network and you can find it here. It's¬† been a while since I've been able … Continue reading King Ranch Chicken (Vegan)

Mujadara (Vegan)

Okay so I had to take a break from Debbie's Food Smarts because there simply hasn't been time for hobbies here lately. ¬†I live in the Greater Houston Area and on Aug. 25, Hurricane Harvey began dumping water on us and flooded my community and many other areas around Houston. ¬†There's been a lot of … Continue reading Mujadara (Vegan)

Orange and Spinach Pasta Salad (Vegan)

I wasn't planning on blogging about this recipe when I first decided to make it, but this is such a delicious and refreshing summer pasta salad!¬† I don't have all the steps quite so extensively documented, but it's really so easy that¬†you don't need them.¬† To make it vegan, just be sure to check the¬†ingredients … Continue reading Orange and Spinach Pasta Salad (Vegan)

Vegan Biscuits and Gravy

I am so glad¬†that my husband likes to cook! We really like to cook Sunday breakfast in our house...and over the past year (since my¬†daughter has been a vegan) it's been more of a challenge finding good "breakfast" food but it's actually never tasted better!¬† I used to be satisfied with just some scrambled eggs, … Continue reading Vegan Biscuits and Gravy

Vegan Shepherd’s Pie

Ah, this is my comfort food.¬† Shepherd's Pie.¬† I can't remember where I got my first recipe, it's been probably more than 20 years, but I've altered it so much that it doesn't really matter.¬† And I have so many variations I probably never make it exactly the same way twice.¬† This last time was … Continue reading Vegan Shepherd’s Pie

Vegan Breakfast Hash

One thing I¬†have had a hard time with is coming up with¬†a delicious hot breakfast that doesn't require a lot of time, that isn't eggs or pancakes or waffles.¬† I can make vegan pancakes and waffles just fine, but I'm also trying to cut back on sugar so I don't want to eat too much … Continue reading Vegan Breakfast Hash