Vegan Chickpea Burritos & BBQ Cauliflower & Chickpea Tacos

I love chickpeas!  I’ve only really recently discovered them in the past 3 years.  Oh I tried one of those cookie recipes with chickpeas in it a long time ago.  Yeah, never tried that one again.  I don’t think I will ever go back to making just plain ol’ tacos with just some plain ground meat and taco seasoning. (Though I do go for some good pulled pork tacos).  Anyway, we have found quite a few delicious vegan taco/burrito recipes and though I’m not a vegan, I much prefer these over the plain taco-seasoned meat.  So, here’s what we had for dinner last night:  Vegan Chickpea Burritos.  And it’s super quick!  Here’s how I chop my bell pepper and zucchini:

So following the recipe (click on the blue link above), you dump the chickpeas in your skillet with the oil and spices (I don’t do too spicy, so I omitted the cayenne and added chili powder instead) and you should have this:

Vegan Chickpea Burritos 1

When your chickpeas are evenly coated, add the onions, zucchini and bell pepper and sauté until the veggies are soft and you should have this:

Vegan Chickpea Burritos 2Remove from heat and fill your tortillas.  I like using flour tortillas because they are a little bit bigger (I get the “taco” size) and don’t fall apart as easily.  Though I do like the flavor and texture of a corn tortilla for certain things.  Get whatever kind you prefer!  Top with shredded cabbage or lettuce, chopped tomatoes, avocado, cheese (vegan or non-vegan), or whatever else you want on your burrito.  And enjoy!

Vegan Chickpea Burritos 3

And here’s the link to another delicious taco recipe we all love that I want to share with you: BBQ Cauliflower and Chickpea Tacos with Creamy Lime Slaw.  We’ve made this several times and I make the following alterations to the recipe: First, I cut my cauliflower smaller than they have pictured.  I don’t need big chunks, mine are probably half they size they have pictured, if not smaller.  Also, in the rub, I completely omit the coconut sugar.  I like the slaw just as they make it and I use the Veganaise which I can find at Whole Foods or Sprouts.  I hope you enjoy! 😋


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