I need a minute….

This is a non-food post but something I wanted to share.  I was browsing through a food blog the other day, and whenever I think about printing out a recipe to try, I always go through the comments to see what people who’ve already tried it have to say and look for extra tips.  So, this one I was looking at actually had some hostility in the comments.  On a food blog.  About a comment on a recipe.  I did not get confused and was not really on Facebook reading political comments.  Nope, I was on a food blog.  So here’s what I have to say.  I’m going to post some recipes and I hope that some of you will try them.  And  if you like them, I hope that you will come back and post a comment.  Maybe you thought it was perfect exactly how it was.  Maybe you didn’t like exactly how I made mine or my ingredients and you tweaked it a bit and made it your own way, but please feel free to come back and post a comment about what you did.  Maybe I didn’t even think of that, maybe someone else would want to try what you did.  Maybe it just didn’t work at all for you.  I won’t be offended.  Feel free to take any of my recipes and make it your own!  And then share your tips!  If I make something vegan, and you are not vegan and want to throw something non-vegan into the recipe, go ahead, make it your own, and feel free to share with us what you did.  You may also inspire someone else.  And furthermore, I approve all comments and if someone tries to leave negative vibes, then they simply won’t be approved by me.  This is a happy place.  I am happy to share and I want you to feel free and comfortable sharing as well.  Love you all! 😃❤️


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