Say Cheese! Vegan cheese that is…

I think one big thing that would keep me from being a vegan is cheese.  I like cheese!  Another hard thing to give up would be milk on my cereal.  And scrambled eggs.  But cheese would be really, really difficult to give up.  Fortunately I have a beautiful vegan cheese 2connoisseur in the house who has tried and tested a lot of the options out there and has found her favorite by far.  Introducing DaiyaClick here for their website and more detailed information. Daiya has many different products (the number in ( ) tells how many flavors they have of that particular product): Shredds (7), Slices (4), Blocks (4), Cream Cheese (4), Frozen Pizza (7), Cheezecake (4), Cheezy Mac (3), Greek Yogurt (6), Dressing (3), and Sauce (2). All pictured below.  The beautiful vegan connoisseur has tried all products except the yogurt (not a fan of chunks in the yogurt and we have yet find the vanilla flavor in our local store) and the sauce, which is a new product, but we’re very excited about it and will be on the hunt for it!  And here is what she has to say about Daiya: “It’s very melty; it makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches!  Best in flavor and performance by far.  Cheddar is my favorite, it has the strongest flavor.  It does have a little bit of a sweet flavor but there is no added sugar or sweetener.”

I personally do prefer real cheese but I have sprinkled the Daiya Shredds on many a casserole for the whole family and there are no complaints.  Being a non-vegan, I would also not have any problem eating any of these products and have used several of them in my cooking and baking.

So being a vegan does not mean you have to give up cheese and all it’s cheesy goodness.  I find Daiya at my local Whole Foods and Sprouts.  Daiya products are also carried at some of the larger chain grocery stores.   My store is HEB.  My HEB carries frozen pizza and that’s very new.  The HEB Plus down the road carries more Daiya products.


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