A quick note about recipes

Just a quick note about my recipes:  Most of the recipes I use come from cookbooks or the Internet.  Any “click here’s” or “blue” text are links to follow to get to those recipes or product information.  Any recipes I share I have tried and have been successful and have really enjoyed, or else I  wouldn’t be sharing them.  Most of my original recipes are in my head and I need to work on making the really fabulous ones so I can be sure of the ingredients and measurements, etc., because I’m usually on auto-pilot and rarely measure things.  Just be patient and more will come.  I have lots of ideas.  I woke last night in the middle of the night and could not turn off my brain, I kept coming up with  more ideas of what I wanted to share and could not go back to sleep!  I’m excited but realize it will take time.


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